‘Now For A Happy Ending’ – Mumbai Mirror Article, July 26th 2015

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Bharat Matrimony Interview

Bharat Matrimony Interview with Harsh Warrdhan


The author of When Hari Met His Saali talks about his debut novel, romantic expectations of young Indians and his happy marriage. 1. You are a film maker, what triggered this novel idea? I usually write screenplays in thriller genre or full-on comedies. A chance meeting with Harlequin, the publisher, led me to believe that writing a novel will be a good way to expand my repertoire. I wanted to have fun with writing the novel, so I decided to write a hilarious romantic comedy. And that resulted in ‘When Hari Met His Saali’. I really had fun writing it and that energy shows in the book. 2. In your opinion, how are the expectations of a young westernized Indian audience different from the home bred Gen X? Our country is going through a cultural transition. The youth of current times have tremendous exposure to all things global whereas the youth in the Metros get to express them – in terms of career, romance and relationships – the youth in smaller cities have very limited scope to experience these opportunities but they see it happening to others in their age group so there is frustration. On the other hand, with freedom, comes responsibility, something which youngsters with westernized mindset do not respect while some desi bred youth still do because of living in a close-knit community. Speaking overall, youth all over have same ambitions, goals and desires. The difference lies in the opportunities to follow them. 3. What were your own strongest preferences when it came to marriage? For me, because the kind of creative profession I am in, I was absolutely clear that I wanted someone from same profession, preferably a writer. Also, I wanted someone at my level in life and career so that we could both grow together. This compatibility was probably the strongest requirement. I was also looking for a relatively quiet girl but I gave up on that dream. 4. What does happy marriage mean to you? It sounds clichéd, but a happy marriage is a relationship that is always evolving, is fun, and has a sense of discovery as well as has room for individual growth. A happy marriage is always work in progress and never really reaches a permanent happy stage and there lies the secret of any happy relationship. H&J LAUGH 5. Did you notice any subtle differences in the way the relationship has evolved over the years? I agree to whatever my wife says, most of the times. She has systematically broken me down. I think I am the one who has changed and adjusted to her. I have learned to give in to my wife’s ways. But the funny thing is, she would probably say the same thing, that she is the one who has adjusted to me. And there lies the other secret to a steady marriage. It is a dance. You repeat it every day. The day it stops, the relationship sours. And the bottom line is that the secret to any relationship is acceptance, tolerance, patience and massive amount of ‘letting go’ 6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to make your wife smile? There is a dance I do which only my wife has seen it. If you imagine how Dharmendra used to dance and mix it with a monkey dancing while having an epileptic attack, you’ll get about 25% idea of how crazy the moves are. It is pure physical comedy. No music is needed. The first time I did it for her, it was out of the blue and impromptu. I still remember how much she smiled and laughed that first time. Now, I only do it when she is extremely angry at me. It never fails to change her mood. 7. Unrealistic expectations of romance leads to….. Fakeness, flakiness, posturing, dishonesty and is not only exhausting but leads to disappointment. I don’t recommend it. But here’s the thing, how does one decide what is realistic and unrealistic when it comes to love and romance? There is no organic definition for romance. Romance is a very fictional idea. It has been reinforced by books, magazines and TV shows and films. But then where does one get their idea of romance from? This dilemma is at the center of my novel. 8. Do you think youngsters need to temper their expectations of romance and marriage? While everyone has the right to expect the best in life including romance and marriage, youngsters have to remember that romance is just one facet of a relationship or marriage. A holistic approach is better than a willy-nilly one. Americans have a very filmy idea of the men and women they look for in a relationship. Their pop-culture is a big influencing factor in these expectations. I’m afraid we are also headed towards the same. Everything has become instantaneous. Youngsters want everything now. A relationship needs nurturing. With some life experience, one learns that real people are much more fun and there’s so much more to explore in romance and marriage than just doing things in the name of romance. 9. How do your balance a busy career with home? Fortunately for us, since both my wife and I are freelance writers, we have flexibility in scheduling our day. Usually the days are hectic, if I don’t have a deadline, she does and vice-versa. But we like it this way as no two days are the same. Since we can write from anywhere, we can go on extended vacations and still get some work done. There is lots of creative energy at home and we are free birds, so sometimes we get to take a nap in the afternoon as well. We are blessed that way. 10. What next? A movie… Yes there are some studios as well as A-list filmmakers showing interest in adapting the novel for the screen. Then there’s the next novel – another youth centered romcom, and also an American sitcom adaptation that I am developing for a production company.

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Yaay, Got nominated for….something!


Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you Reet Singh  for nominating my website for this interesting award.

If you want to know what ‘Liebster’ stands for, well, it is a German word, and you can read more about it in Lorraine Reguly’s post. She has also posted a lot of very fascinating history about the award – well worth a read!

Broadly, the rules are:

  1.   Link back and thank the blogger who nominated you in your post.
    2.  List 11 facts about yourself.
    3.  Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
    4.  Pick 5 – 10 new bloggers (each must have less than 300 followers) to nominate and ask them 11 new questions. Do not re-nominate the blogger that nominated you.
    5.  Go to each new blogger’s site and inform them of their nomination.

We have the choice to accept this nomination, and continue it by paying it forward. Of course, we can also politely decline it.

Since I have already completed item one, I choose to accept the nomination, and carry on to item two…..


Eleven facts about myself:

  1. I am a workaholic but I am also a best friend to more people than anybody else I know.
  2. I love movies of all kinds and it reflects in my writing.
  3. The women in my life call my laptop my mistress. It stopped being funny after I got married.
  4. I have a tendency of doing things to the extremes.
  5. The things I most passionately like to do are not the biggest moneymakers like writing and sleeping.
  6. I love to travel to wilderness as long as the accommodation is easily accessible, has broadband connection, is air conditioned and has a satellite T.V.
  7. I think I am blessed because life has been most kind to me in spite of me trying to screw it up time and again. Aah, those were the days!
  8. I have a passion for shoes and I am also very possessive of them. Some have been in my closet for two years because I haven’t found a deserving occasion to wear them.
  9. My teen spirit has never left me. Surprisingly it bothers people around me but not me.
  10. I believe that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
  11. I have a thing for ice cream which can be categorized as fatal attraction.


Eleven things that Reet wants me to talk about

1. Three secrets that I have never told anyone.

a. I worry that I may not be able to do all the things I want to do in my lifetime.

b. I dream elaborate dreams in my sleep which spill into remakes and sequels.

c. I live for Food, Money and Sex. Two of those are not necessary.

2. If I won the lottery, what would be the first thing I would do? 

I would wander in Himalayas as a millionaire.

3. Looking over the last ten years, what is one goal I have achieved and one that I have not achieved?

I have become long-tempered (as opposed to short tempered) but I haven’t been able to stop making up words. Also the whole ‘bonding’ with the grammar and punctuation hasn’t  gone too well.

4. What are my plans for retirement? And will I travel, if so where and why? 

I shall keep writing. And if Himalayas become a daunting place to adapt in reality, I would like to just laze around in my own    little place on the coast of Konkan.

5. Favorite drink on a Friday night?

Used to be Vodka with watermelon juice or coconut water, now it’s just watermelon juice or coconut water. Yep, I am married!

6. What do I think the secret is to a good marriage or relationship with a significant other is? 

My wife knows all the secrets and she expects me to trust her with them.

7. Name three words that describe my personality. 

Lovable. Hateable. Ballsy.

 8. Home-cooked meal or take-out?

Home cooked, preferably by someone whom I’m not afraid of telling if it sucks!

9. When was the last time I blogged and what was the topic?

I haven’t blogged in ages but I’m starting again now.

10. What do I think the key is to happiness?

Personally, I am in a happy place because I have been more wrong about things in my life than I have been right. When in doubt, trust the Universe.

11. Who is my favorite poet and why? 

Umm…Tina Fey? Does she qualify?


Questions asked by Harsh Warrdhan

1. What is that one thing you are desperately wishing for in your life?

2. What are the three things in the world that annoy you the most?

3. Three things you think you should absolutely change about your life?

4. What’s love gotta do with it or anything for that matter?

5. How would you describe your dark side in three lines?

6. If you were not a writer, what would you be?

7. What is your ideal vacation or holiday?

8. Name three fictional themes that fascinate you.

9. Name three real life issues that fascinate you.

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

11. If given a free hand, what would you change about yourself? (Name, gender, nationality etc,)


My Liebster Award nominations

 Aarti picAarti Venkatraman: http://www.aartivraman.blogspot.in/





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